For her sure guidance, for her sturdy belief in this book and her faith in its authors: Mary T. O'Brien, Executive Editor at Addison-Wesley.

For their able support: her editorial assistants, Alicia Carey and Mariann Kourafas.

For his imaginative, clearheaded thinking on many aspects of this book, and especially for its handsome looks: Kevin Smith of stateless designs.

For her care in the tricky transformation of bytes into ink and paper: Jacquelyn Doucette.

For their patience and professionalism in the composition process: Stratford Publishing Services.

For his help in unraveling the toughest technical knots and his aggravating habit of improving our work: Nigel Head. He made his points with some very clever code sequences and, well, we included some verbatim.

For their careful, knowledgeable, and lively technical review: Christopher Ian Smith, John Paul Rawlins, Todd Williamsen, Scott Hamlin, Mike Callery, Jennifer Hall, and the accomplished Brendan Hall.

For their rapid responsiveness and for an enjoyable week of debugging Flash patches together: Zlavik Lozben and Eric J. Wittman of Macromedia.

For his clean direction of Flash technology: Peter Santangeli. (We can all thank him.)

For building Macromedia with his bare hands and his big mouth: our old friend Marc Cantor.

For their enthusiasm and their insights: Colin Moock and other FlashForward speakers , Urami and other macromedia.flash posters , and the lively community at

For their support ”financial and creative ”of the real-life version of the game described in this book: webmaster Garth Moore and producer Zo « Burkholder of the ASPCA (

For permission to reprint his haiku: Walter Vereertbrugghen.

And for their critical contribution to this project: the makers of fine caffeinated beverages all over the world.

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