Key Points

  • Use the Object Browser to find out what members-methods and properties-are available for an object, and what each method or property returns.

  • Avoid changing the selection during your macros. A macro runs faster and appears more professional if it doesn’t have to repaint the screen.

  • While debugging, use the Immediate window to test the current reference of a range object.

  • Many range-related functions start with one range and return another range. These functions are invaluable for navigating from one range to another. The most important one is CurrentRegion.

  • Always use R1C1 references when constructing formulas from macros, and take advantage of the many options-relative, absolute, internal, external-that the Address property gives you.

  • Use the Borders collection to simultaneously control the borders of each cell within a range. Use the BorderAround method to treat the range as a single unit.

  • Use either the RGB function or the enumerated list of RGB constants to select a color. To create smooth gradations of the shades and tints of a color, take advantage of the TintAndShade property.

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