Foundation XML for Flash

Foundation XML for Flash
by Sas Jacobs  
Friends of Ed 2006 (480 pages)

With numerous example applications built throughout, this book shows how to use the XML object to stream XML data into Flash, and how to use the XMLConnector component and XML Sockets to build advanced Flash/XML applications.

Table of Contents
Foundation XML for Flash
Chapter 1 - Flash and XML
Chapter 2 - Introduction to XML
Chapter 3 - XML Documents
Chapter 4 - Using the XML Class
Chapter 5 - Working with XML in Word 2003
Chapter 6 - Working with XML in Excel 2003
Chapter 7 - Working with XML in Access 2003
Chapter 8 - Using the Data Components with XML
Chapter 9 - Consuming Web Services with Flash
Chapter 10 - Using the XMLSocket Class
Chapter 11 - Which XML Option is Best for Me?
Appendix - Useful Online Resources
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Exercises

Foundation XML for Flash
Foundation XML for Flash
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