Template Color Schemes

Template Color Schemes

For each template, define one or more color schemes. These schemes define the default colors for the following elements

  • Background

  • Text and lines

  • Shadows

  • Title text

  • Fills

  • Accent

  • Accent and hyperlink

  • Accent and followed hyperlink

To access the defined color schemes in PowerPoint 2000 and earlier, right-click and select Slide Color Scheme. This will bring up a two-tabbed dialog. The first tab shows the color schemes already defined for the template. The second tab is used to create and use custom color schemes. You can either use one there or define your own. If you change color schemes, be sure you select Apply to All so the the title and slide masters stay consistent.

To access the defined color schemes in PowerPoint 2002 and later, bring up the Slide Design taskpane. Click Color Schemes to bring up the existing color schemes. To change a scheme or add a new one, click Edit Color Schemes at the very bottom of the task pane.

But wait this is a brand new template! How can it have color schemes already defined? Remember we based this template on the Blank template. The Blank template has several color schemes already defined.

One more note if using a picture or a texture for the background, changing the background color in the scheme will not change the color of the slides. They will continue to have the graphic as a background. Even so, especially in PowerPoint 97 and 2000, it's important to change the background color to something similar to the background graphic so you'll be able to see the text as you type on the slides. If you leave the background color to one which matches the text color, you won't be able to see what you're typing.

I recommend you create at least four color schemes for each template: a light background-based scheme, a dark background-based scheme, a black-and-white scheme and a gray-scaled scheme.

By having these color schemes, the users of the template have pre-created diversity for those times when they need to add punch to a slide or presentation. You also allow them to select the colors they want to use based on the environment where the slides will be used.

Rachel created seven color schemes. Since her company logo has three base colors in it, she made a color scheme with each of the colors as the background; then she varied the use of the other colors in the other elements on the masters. She also created a black-on-white color scheme and a grayscale scheme. Finally, Rachel made a very dark version of one of the corporate colors and a very light version of one of the other colors. She based her last two color schemes on these to ensure presentations built with the template would be visible in almost any environment.

Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
ISBN: 972425861
Year: 2003
Pages: 166

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