Intercultural management is an emerging domain of research study. A great deal by way of intercultural management is actually happening in the real world. Effective intercultural management is contributing to high performance in global corporations. Organizations with a learning orientation are able to face the challenge of intercultural management. They can ascend to a world described by the poet Tagore (1997) as one 'which has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls'. Most truths are surprisingly eternal and, by the same token, universal and for all cultures.

Intercultural management as viewed in this book is inclined towards the global convergence approach. The relevant managerial skills are cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and flexibility to accommodate diversity. Within the corporate context intercultural managers, regardless of their cultural background, tend to exhibit homogeneous managerial values and competencies. Their business school training also tends to be comparable. They are driven by professionalism and a desire to show performance. They can learn and unlearn with ease. With respect to management practices, they are able to adopt local methods .

Though intercultural management is concerned with profitability, it recognizes the importance of soft skills in implementing its precepts. Thus, intercultural management has a leaning towards the area of organizational behaviour. However, intercultural management's knowledge base has moved beyond the wisdom contained in organizational behaviour. The contingency approach to management has validity in the field of intercultural management. Intercultural management seeks to ensure that all aspects of its functioning are aligned with each other. The work in intercultural management that has commenced in the real world needs now to be sustained and enhanced by research. There is no turning the clock back now. Corporations who fight shy of intercultural management will be condemned to second-class status.

Intercultural Management
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