Hands-On Lab

This lab will provide step-by-step instructions for configuring both access layer and distribution layer switches. You'll use a 2950 switch for the access layer and a 4000 series switch for the distribution layer. Figure 2.1 provides the network diagram that will be configured in this lab.

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Figure 2.1: Access layer to distribution layer configuration

  1. Configure the access layer switch by going to the console and pressing Enter.

  2. Assign the console password:

     enable configure terminal line con 0 login password cisco 
  3. Assign the enable password:

     enable password sanfran 
  4. Assign the enable secret, which will override the enable password:

     enable secret terry 
  5. Set the hostname of the switch:

     hostname 2950 
  6. Set the IP address of the switch:

     ip address 
  7. Set the default gateway for the switch:

     ip default-gateway 
  8. Set interface 4 to run in full-duplex mode:

     interface fastEthernet 0/4 duplex full 
  9. Set the description of the interface to Management PC:

     interface fastEthernet 0/4 description Management PC Control-Z 
  10. Type the command to view the current configuration:

     show running-config 
  11. Verify the IP configuration of the switch:

     show ip int 
  12. Verify the configuration of interface FastEthernet 0/4:

     show interface fastEthernet 0/4 
  13. Configure the interface to full-duplex and add a description of Link to 4000:

     configure terminal (if needed) interface fa0/23 duplex full description Link To 4000 
  14. Configure interface fa0/24 to connect to the FastEthernet port 1/2 of the 4000 switch. Set the description and duplex as well:

     interface fa0/24 duplex full description Another Link to 4000 
  15. Move your console cable to the 4000 series distribution switch. Set the hostname to be 4000:

     enable set system name 4000>
  16. Set the user-mode and enable passwords:

     set password cisco set enablepass sanfran 
  17. Set the IP address of the 4000 switch:

     set interface sc0 
  18. Configure the port speed and duplex of the connection to the access-layer switch:

     set port duplex 1/1 full set port speed 1/1 100 
  19. Set the description of port 1/1 to Link to Access Layer:

     set port name 1/1 Link to Access Layer 
  20. Set port 1/2 as the second connection to the access layer switch:

     set port duplex 1/2 full set port speed 1/2 100 set port name 1/2 Link to Core Switch 
  21. Type the command to view port 1/1:

     show port 1/1 
  22. Type the command to view the configuration of the 4000 switch:

     show config 
  23. Test the connections by pinging all devices.

CCNP. Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks Study Guide (642-811)
CCNP: Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks Study Guide (642-811)
ISBN: 078214294X
EAN: 2147483647
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