Chapter 2: Connecting the Switch Block

The CCNP Exam Topics Covered in This Chapter Include the Following:

  • Describe LAN segmentation with VLANs

  • Provide physical connectivity between two devices within a switch block

  • Provide connectivity from an end user station to an access layer device

  • Configure a switch for initial operation

  • Apply IOS command set to diagnose and troubleshoot a switched network

  • Configure Fast EtherChannel and Gigabit EtherChannel on interswitch links

We have come a long way since the beginning of networking. We have lived through several mini-revolutions, and now we find ourselves at a time when Ethernet is king. Gaining ground over all rivals until most of them are left only in memory, this simple protocol has grown to support data transfer at 10, 100, 1000 and (almost) 10,000 Mbits/second. What a happy life being a network manager, knowing that your favorite protocol has expansion capability for the future.

This inherent growth capability, combined with the creation of a sound hierarchical network that follows the Cisco three-layer model, means that you too can be a LAN top gun.

This chapter will help you understand the different contention media available. Contention is the media access process used by Ethernet. This book covers only contention media because it is the most widely used; for the pragmatic reasons of cost, simplicity, and ease of implementation, Ethernet (or its variations) runs on most of the networks in the world.

But the development of faster Ethernets has changed many of the original concepts along the way. Full-duplex connectivity has removed the need for the contention algorithm, because each transmitting station has access to its own pair of wires. Some Gigabit Ethernet implementations may demand a larger minimum frame size, and switched Ethernet removes the need for the collision algorithm by using micro-segmentation to create mini collision domains. So, first we’ll review the basics of Ethernet networking and then move on to how to use the various flavors of Ethernet networking in your access, distribution, and core networks.

After you have learned about the different Ethernet cable media types, you’ll learn how to log in and configure both a set-based switch and an IOS-based switch. The set-based switch we will focus on is the modular 4000 series, and the IOS switches are the new 2950 and the excellent 3550, which supports several bells and whistles. Those old hands among you will notice the retirement of the 1900 series switches, which ran both a version of the IOS and a menu interface. You will also see that the 5000 series has gone as well. So long, old friend.

The chapter ends with a hands-on lab in which you’ll connect the switches together and configure them.

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