Recipe 2.19 Customizing a Perspective


2.19.1 Problem

You want to change the menu choices and toolbar items in a perspective.

2.19.2 Solution

Use the Customize Perspective dialog, which you can open by selecting Window Customize Perspective. The dialog is shown in Figure 2-19.

After you've set Eclipse preferences, you can export those preferences so that others can use them as well. To do this, click the Import and Export buttons in the Preferences dialog.

Figure 2-19. Customizing a perspective

The Preferences dialog enables you to customize menu choices and toolbar items, but it doesn't really enable you to "customize" perspectives (and in fact, the items you can add to menus usually are available under the Other menu choice anyway). To learn how to customize a perspective, see Recipe 2.21.

2.19.3 See Also

Recipe 2.20 on restoring a perspective; Recipe 2.21 on creating a new perspective.

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