Recipe 7.8 Setting Ant Arguments


7.8.1 Problem

You need to pass some arguments to Ant.

7.8.2 Solution

Right-click your build file, click Run Ant, click the Main tab, and enter the Ant arguments you want to use. No problem.

7.8.3 Discussion

If you want to pass arguments to Ant, you can enter those arguments in the Arguments box of the dialog opened by right-clicking your build file, clicking Run Ant, and clicking the Main tab. You can see that dialog in Figure 7-15 (note that you also can set the build file location and base directory here).

Figure 7-15. The Ant build.xml dialog
figs/ecb_0715.gif Eclipse 3.0

Eclipse 3.0 adds another tab to the dialog shown in Figure 7-15, the JRE tab, which enables you to select which JVM to use with Ant.

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