Finding Podcasts

There are various techniques you can use to find podcasts out there. Some podcast readers, such as RSSRadio, let you search podcast directories. In RSSRadio, you can search by choosing Actions > Add a New Subscription > By URL, to open the Subscription Centre dialog, which gives you access to various podcast directories (Figure 7.21).

Figure 7.21. RSSRadio lets you search podcast directories.

You can also search podcast directories directly; here's a starter list:



  • (Figure 7.22)

    Figure 7.22. Podcast Central's directory includes podcast descriptions and update information.



An especially cool one is, which is sort of like Google for podcasts (Figure 7.23). Podscope actually listens to podcasts for you, and lets you search for the podcast you want based on a keyword.

Figure 7.23. Podscope is an audio and visual search engine.

For example, searching for the keyword weather gives you a multitude of podcasts to choose from (Figure 7.24).

Figure 7.24. Choose from the results of a podcast search at

That's pretty coolnow you can search for podcasts based on keyword.

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