In Brief

In this chapter, we looked at user controls for Windows applications and Web user controls for Web applications. Here's an overview of this chapter's topics:

  • User controls and Web user controls are custom controls that specialize in code reuse. You can create composite controls using standard controls, and/or design the appearance of a control from scratch.

  • User controls are based on the System.Windows.Forms.UserControl class. They are designed for use in Windows forms, and they support properties, methods , and events like any standard control.

  • Web user controls are much like standard user controls, except they're designed to be used in Web applications. These controls are based on the System.Web.UI.UserControl class. The process of creating Web user controls in code is very similar to how you create user controls.

  • The way you add Web user controls to a Web form is substantially different from the corresponding user controls; you drag a Web user control directly from the Solution Explorer to a Web form.

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