Chapter 7. Customizing Firefox with Third-Party Extensions and Themes


  • Want fries with that extension?

  • To bug me, or not to bug me... that is the question.

  • What color is your browser? Go get some themes and find out!

  • When a Magpie isn't a bird

Think of Firefox as a cool car (perhaps a black Mazdaspeed Miata?) that can get you wherever you want to go on the web in the fastest way possible. When you want to customize your car, you might add a supercharger to make it go faster, or some outrageous rims to set it apart from the other cars on the road. The same is true of extensions and themeswhen you are feeling as if there might be something you need to enhance your browsing experience, third-party extensions are at your disposal to make the browser fit your specific needs. When you want your browser to look a little different, third-party themes are available that can make your car shine brighter than the best custom paint job around.

Here I'll discuss what you need to know about extensions and themes and how to install them in Firefox. I will also recommend some fun extensions and themes that you can take out for a test drive. So, back your car out of the garage, and get ready for some fun!

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