Bookmarking a Bunch of Tabs All at Once

Suppose you've opened a bunch of tabs to search for information on something or other and, what the heck, you struck pay dirt. Now you want to create a folder of bookmarks for all the tabs so you can open them as a group. Here's how:

When you've got all the websites displayed that you want to make bookmarks for (and no others!), go to Bookmarks | Bookmark This Page or press Ctrl+D. It really doesn't matter which tab you do this from; you're going to put all of them into a folder anyway. The Add Bookmark screen appears.

Enter the name of the folder you want to create for the bookmarks. This is a little different from what you saw in the previous chapter, where the name is applied to a new bookmark. What makes the difference is that you also check Bookmark all tabs in a folder on the screen. Figure 6-7 shows an example of what this looks like.

Figure 6-7. The Add Bookmark screen prior to saving tabs in a folder.

When you click OK, Firefox slurps up the addresses for all the open tabs and puts them in a new folder with the name you entered. If you created this in the Bookmarks folder, the new folder is right on the bookmark list; otherwise, the new folder is a subfolder in the specified folder. You can then open individual bookmarks or the entire folder all at once.


Want a tiny extension that makes tabs a little easier to read when you've opened a lot of them at once? You can try Unread Tabs (, which has one function: it italicizes the title of the unread tabs. When you click the tab to view it, the title changes back to normal text. This makes it easy to open a whole bunch of tabs and keep track of what you've read.

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