The File Menu

The File menu contains basic commands for opening and closing windows, tabs, files, and locations; saving, emailing, and printing pages; importing bookmarks; and exiting Firefox.



New Window

Opens a new instance of the browser.

New Tab

Opens a new tab in the current window.

Open File

Displays the standard Open File screen so that you can open a file on your hard disk (or your LAN). Firefox can open a number of files by default, such as HTML files, XML files, text and graphics files, many sound files, and so on. Adding plug-ins (such as the Adobe Reader plug-in) enhances Firefox's ability to open other kinds of files.

Close Tab

Closes the current tab and switches the focus to the tab immediately to the right of the closed tab. (This menu item appears only if you have more than one tab open.)

Close Window/Close

Closes the current instance of the browser. If no tabs are open, the command appears as Close Window. If multiple tabs are open, the command appears simply as Close, and you are asked to confirm that you want to close however many tabs.

Save Page As

Saves the web page you are currently viewing. Firefox can save the complete page with corresponding graphics, the HTML page itself with no graphics, or the page as plain text.

Send Link

Opens the default email program and creates a new message for you to address and send that contains a link to the current web page.

Page Setup

Displays the Page Setup screen, which lets you set page layout, margins, and page headers and footers.

Print Preview

Displays the current web page as it will be printed. You can change how the page will appear in print using the File | Page Setup command.


Displays the standard Print screen, which lets you select the printer to use, the number of copies, the printing range, and options specific to the printer you've selected.


Starts the Import Wizard, which steps you through the process to import bookmarks, display options, history, passwords, and other information from other browsers.

Work Offline

Lets you view web pages stored in your cache without having a live Internet connection. (You won't be able to refresh the web pages or transmit information back to the website without having a live Internet connection.)


Similar to the Close Window command, but this also stops any downloads in progress.

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