The Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains commands for cutting/copying/pasting/deleting and searching. For non-Windows versions of Firefox, the Edit menu also contains the Preferences command (used instead of the Tools | Options command) for setting Firefox preferences and options.




Undoes the last action where information has been changed on your local computer: data you entered in a field or a form, changes to a bookmark in the Bookmark Manager, and so on.


Redoes whatever you just undid with the Undo command.


Cuts the selected text and/or graphics from a document or form and stores it in the clipboard. You cannot cut text and graphics from a web page; you must use the Copy command to get the information to the clipboard.


Copies the selected text and/or graphics to the clipboard. You can copy anything you can select (although you may not be able to paste it into something that will be able to interpret it correctly).


Deletes the selected text and/or graphics from a field.

Select All

Selects the entire web page.

Find in This Page

Displays the Find bar at the bottom of the screen, which lets you search for an item in the current page.

Find Again

Searches for the next occurrence of the search item identified in the Find bar.

Preferences (only for Linux and Mac)

Displays the Preferences screen, where you can change the preferences in Firefox. (Windows users use the Tools | Options command instead.)

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