Chapter 1. Introduction to C 2.0

Chapter 1. Introduction to C# 2.0

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to C# 2.0 At A Glance

  • What Is the .NET Framework?

  • Working with Variables in C# 2.0

  • C# Basic Syntax

  • What You Can Do with C#

This chapter provides a brief introduction to the world of C#. As you will see, the syntax of the language itself is fairly easy to learn. The thing that takes the most time is learning how to program on the .NET Framework using the C# language. You will see the basic syntax of the C# language, including how to declare variables, create code blocks, and of course, create your first "Hello World" application.

If you already have a working knowledge of the C# language from your experience with previous versions (either 1.0 or 1.1), you can skip this chapter and move on. Take care not to skip too many of the early chapters, as there have been enhancements to the language that are covered early on in the book, such as generics and anonymous methods. This chapter also skips over some details that you may not be aware of if you have very little exposure to programming. If you have never written software on the Windows platform (either Windows or Web-based), this is the wrong chapter, and perhaps the wrong book, for you.

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