Opening and Arranging Multiple Views

The image window is where your image appears in Photoshop Elements. You can open multiple windows with different images, or, if you prefer, you can open multiple views of the same image. This is a handy way to work on a detailed area of your image while viewing the full-sized version of the image at the same time. It's especially useful when you're doing touch-up work, such as correcting red eye or erasing a blemish in a photo.

To open multiple views of an image


From the View menu, choose New Window for name of current file (Figure 2.40).

Figure 2.40. You can open multiple windows of the same image from the View menu.


Drag the title bar to move the additional window(s) as necessary to view them simultaneously.

You can set different levels of magnification for each window to see both details and the big picture at the same time (Figure 2.41).

Figure 2.41. Multiple image views let you work on a detailed area while at the same time allowing you to see how the changes affect the overall image.

To arrange multiple views

Do one of the following:

  • To create cascading, overlapping windows from the upper left to the lower right of your screen, from the Window menu, choose Images > Cascade (Figure 2.42).

    Figure 2.42. Cascading windows overlap from the upper left to the lower right. They allow you to keep multiple windows open at once, without cluttering the work space.

  • To display windows stacked, from the Window menu, choose Images > Tile (Figure 2.43).

    Figure 2.43. Tiled windows are arranged in a stack, from top to bottom.

To close multiple view windows

Do one of the following:

  • To close a single window, click the close button on that window's title bar.

  • To close all document windows, from the File menu, choose Close All or press Alt+Ctrl+W.


  • To quickly switch from one open window to another, press Ctrl+Tab.

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