Easy 3D has long been the holy grail for desktop designers, and this book provides an exciting overview of the most wanted 3D effects using Macromedia Flash MX. 3D is a tricky area. The specialist software is expensive, it's complex, you can't deliver it on the web with any great ease, and it's not exactly interactive. This book is for Flash users who want the whole subject sorting out! It is devoted to setting 3D straight, by showing you the simple, powerful, and sometimes downright mind-blowing 3D effects Flash is capable of. Sometimes, as this book shows you, all you need is the right idea, and Flash is capable of delivering some of the most incredible material. Here we look at light and shadow effects, isometric 3D, parallax effects, methods of focusing, plus an innovative slice engine that delivers the most incredible and convincing 3D models! Clear step-by-step instructions show you how to replicate the effects and give you an insight into how you might use them for your own designs. From the Publisher This book is aimed at people who are quite comfortable with Flash MX, and know a little ActionScript. It provides detailed step-by-step tutorials, and boasts complete technical support from the friends of ED website.

Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
ISBN: 1590592212
Year: 2002
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