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This book was a team effort. Although my name is on the cover, this book would never have happened without the hard work of everyone on this team. A very heartfelt thanks to

Our book's acquisition editor Todd Green, whose management was invaluable. Todd always came through, seemingly working about 20 hours a day.

Mark Cierzniak, for putting up with my sometimes less-than-perfect writing. Not only did he put up with it, he also did an outstanding editing job, fixing so many things that I didn't get right the first time.

Gunnar Jurdzik and Pearce Smithwick, who made sure this book was as technically accurate as possible. Their knowledge about the products was invaluable, and it proved to be a learning experience to me as I found out things I didn't know.

Harold Davis, whose hard work served as the directing force in this book. Harold worked hard to see that the book covered the "right" mix of topics.

Matt Wagner, who looks out for me by being my agent. I owe Matt a great deal; he's the best.

Megan Wade, who did extensive editing and fixing of spelling, grammar, and other bloopers I committed.

Charlotte Clapp, who as the managing editor, kept things together.

Tonya Simpson, the project editor, who did so much to ensure that everything in the book was "right."

Aaron Black, who indexed all those words that are important.

Kyle Long, this book's proofreader, who has made sure that all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed. And, of course, he got to find all my spelling errors, too.

Sharry Lee Gregory, who took care of the very important administrative issues.

Anne Jones, the book designer, for creating a really great-looking book.

A really big thanks to everyone at Que who helped, especially Tonya Simpson, who managed the book project. The very first book I wrote, years ago, was for Que. I feel like I've come home.

And, special thanks to Nang, my wife.

Although all these people were instrumental in making this book happen, if there is anything wrong with it, the blame is mine. All the good things belong to them!

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