Chapter 5. Taking Control of Your Browser

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  • Understanding Web Security Issues

  • Websites Written for Internet Explorer

  • Blocking Pop-ups

  • Blocking Banner Ads

  • Blocking Ads with Adblock

  • Software Installations from Non-Mozilla Sites

  • Controlling JavaScript

  • Using BugMeNot for Anonymous Registration

  • Understanding Cookies and Firefox Cookie Controls

  • Password-Protecting Firefox

  • Determining the Real Location of Sites

  • Using Firefox's Clear Private Data Feature

  • Taking Control Secrets for Power Users

All right, everyone keep their hands off the browser and no-one gets hurt!" How many times did you hear a browser tell you that? Does that browser really know what is good for you?

You probably have had the feeling that somehow you were secondary to things such as control, privacy, and security. Sometimes lack of control occurs because the browser makers want to keep the large players happy. This can translate into minimal pop-up blocking and minimal protection for the user. Privacy has taken a back seat many times, as people are asked to register before being allowed to use a website. And in too many instances user information is accessible to many others besides the true owner of the information a clear case of compromised security.

Do you want others to know which websites you visit? When you visit a mortgage site, you automatically become prospect material for mortgage promoters. Or maybe you visit sites that are more socially fringe than the big name sites. Maybe you visit sites that are politically oriented. You quickly see the need for privacy.

Many operating systems allow for file- and folder-level security. Many users are either ignorant about this or just not inclined to properly set up security. Sure, file and folder security takes some effort, but it is necessary especially when some systems are designed to disable security by default.

With Firefox, you can protect yourself from many of these privacy and security hazards.

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