Profile Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Firefox keeps user profiles in a specific location. Each user has her own profile location in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, although users can choose to share profiles.

  • The prefs.js file is used to hold preferences that override Firefox's factory defaults.

  • The user.js file contains preferences that override both Firefox's factory defaults and any preferences set in prefs.js.

  • userChrome.css lets the user customize how Firefox looks. Much of the way Firefox looks can be customized in this file. You could create your own mini-theme using just userChrome.css.

  • userContent.css establishes the basic look for a web page. All formatting in the web page overrides this file's defaults.

  • Mozilla uses profiles to contain information specific to a user. Profiles can be shared and backed up or restored as necessary.

  • Users can have as many profiles as they want. The Profile Manager enables users to switch profiles when starting Firefox.

  • A profile can easily be cloned by copying the profile folder to a new name and editing the profiles.ini file to include this newly created copy of the profile.

  • If you delete the Mozilla Firefox folder in the program files folder without uninstalling Firefox, and then you reinstall Firefox, the new installation will use the existing profiles and settings.

  • Uninstalling Firefox does not remove profiles or profile information. If you want to uninstall Firefox and get rid of everything, you must manually delete the profiles.

  • When you upgrade Firefox, you should first remove all the extensions and themes. Sometimes an upgrade of Firefox is not compatible with some existing themes and extensions.

  • There is limited sharing of profiles between Firefox and Netscape 7.x. Profiles can be shared across platforms (such as Linux and Windows) if the user desires.

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