Working with Multiple Home Pages in Tabs

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With tabs, you can have as many home pages as you want. Practically speaking, it is probably a good idea to limit the number of home pages to something manageable (in my case, I have three).

To set multiple home pages, first open each of the pages that make up your set of home pages in tabs. For example, you might open,, and This gives you three tabs, one for each of these pages.

Next select Tools, Options in Firefox's menu. In the General section at the top of the window, you can set the location or locations of the home pages you want to use (see Figure 2.13). Simply click the Use Current Pages button; whatever pages are currently displayed in the tabs become your home pages.

Figure 2.13. To use multiple home pages, open each in a tab and click Use Current Pages.


When you have multiple home pages opened, Firefox does not look at which pages are already opened in tabs. Instead, it creates new tabs for each of the pages defined in your set of home pages.

Now whenever you click the home page button, the pages you set will be displayed.

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