Tabbing and Bookmark Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Use multiple home pages. This is a great technique because it seems that no one home page covers everything.

  • You can easily open a new tab by double-clicking in the tab bar or pressing Ctrl-T. You can close an unneeded tab by clicking the close button at the end of the tab bar or pressing the middle mouse button.

  • New links can be opened by default in new tabs or by reusing the current tab.

  • A new tab doesn't have to be in the foreground. A tab can be created, and loaded, while it is in the background.

  • Tabs are easy to manage. You can reorder your tabs using the keyboard or mouse.

  • Live Bookmarks and Live Bookmark Articles enable bookmarks in Firefox to respond to dynamic content.

  • Bookmark and use! This site requires a free logon to post in the forums and is worth the effort.

  • Consider limiting the number of bookmarks in a bookmark folder to a reasonable number. I use five as my ideal maximum, but that is often exceeded.

  • TabGroups enable you to group, or organize, tabs by subject or content.

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