Installation and Configuration Secrets for Power Users

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  • A smart user backs up her profile. This can be done by simply copying the profile or, even better, using the MozBackup program.

  • Keeping a copy of the installation package on your computer makes reinstalling Firefox much easier.

  • There is no reason not to be able to use both Firefox and Internet Explorer together. Even though only one can be the default browser, the other is still usable.

  • All your personal settings are stored in the Firefox profile. If the profile becomes corrupted, it can cause Firefox to fail to run.

  • The Firefox Profile Manager enables you to create new profiles.

  • Under Windows XP and Windows 2000, each user has her own profile. This allows customization of Firefox on shared computers. Firefox always loads the correct profile for the user.

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    Firefox and Thunderbird. Beyond Browsing and Email
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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