Making Firefox the Default Browser

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During installation you can tell Firefox to check whether it is the default browser and, if it is not, to set itself as the default browser. What you don't see is that Firefox and Internet Explorer can duel over who is the default browser!

This happens whenever you check Always Perform This Check When Starting Firefox in Firefox and select Tools, Internet Options, Internet Explorer Should Check to See Whether It Is the Default Browser in Internet Explorer.

With both selected, whenever the nondefault browser starts, it checks and prompts you to change the default to itself. Because both Internet Explorer and Firefox are checking, they can switch back and forth between both.

Is this good? Sometimes it is for example, if one browser isn't working properly, you might need to rely on the other to surf the Web until you fix the broken one. However, I find that unchecking the option in both browsers, or at least in Internet Explorer, is best. (No matter which browser is set as the default, the other can still be used.)

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