Chapter 2. The Power of Tabs and Bookmarks

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  • Using Tabs to Manage Pages

  • Opening a New Tab

  • Opening a Link in a New Tab

  • Changing Tabbrowser Extensions Configuration Options

  • Navigating Between Tabs

  • Rearranging Tabs

  • Opening Multiple Bookmarks in Tabs

  • Using Live Bookmarks and Bookmarks in Firefox

  • Working with Multiple Home Pages in Tabs

  • Tabbing and Bookmark Secrets for Power Users

Firefox opens the door to some very useful functionality. Tabs allow multiple documents (web pages, for example) in a single Firefox session. Using these tabs is much faster than trying to switch between multiple browser sessions.

Bookmarks enable frequently accessed pages to be quickly selected. Similar to Internet Explorer's Favorites, the Firefox bookmarks are somewhat more powerful and useful.

This chapter covers using both Firefox's built-in tab support and Tabbrowser Extensions. In the sections that follow, if Firefox supports a functionality without Tabbrowser Extensions, the differences are also described.

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