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baud rate

The speed of a modem used for a dial-up connection to the Internet. Higher baud rates translate into faster performance.


A beta build of the next release, released to users so they can help test the new product version. Early beta releases can be unstable, whereas later beta releases might be almost identical to the final release.


A web log, which is a way users can publish articles on a regular basis. Blogs are user centric.


The act of creating a blog or reading blogs.


Bonsai is tree control used to manage the source code for various versions of products.


Making reference to a web page to allow easy navigation to the page at a later time. It's the same concept as Internet Explorer's Favorites.


Acronym for be right back.


An extension for Firefox that fills in password/userID prompts with data that is not specific to you. Saves you the trouble of registering at many websites.


Unnecessary comments in bug reports, such as "me too" and so on. Also email messages sent by the Bugzilla mailer.


The database system used to track bug reports and fixes in Firefox. Also called BMO or b.m.o, Bugzilla is at http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/.


The batch file used to configure a Firefox build environment.


Various tools provided by Mozilla, such as LXR, Bugzilla, CVS, Bonsai, and Tinderbox.

Bugzilla server

A bug reporting database; see http://www.bugzilla.org.

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