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You might find the following developer tools useful when developing extensions or themes. For more information on these tools, visit Mozilla's website.


The DebugLogger tool is designed for extension developers. This extension provides a way to get information about your extension as you develop it, without resorting to dump() calls. The nice thing about DebugLogger is that it enables you to debug multiple projects at the same time. This is useful when you have an interaction bug, where an extension fails due to another extension's presence.

View Cookies

This extension adds a new tab called Cookies to the Page Info dialog box. This tab displays every cookie belonging to the page and shows the page's cookies, but globally and in detail.

Figure 14.3 shows the cookies for Google. It can be seen that the name of the cookie is PREF and the value consists of identifiers, an equals sign, and a value. For example, NR=100 says that I wish to see 100 results per search page (the default is 10).

Figure 14.3. Page Info's Cookies tab shows cookies and details about the selected cookie.

View Rendered Source

The View Rendered Source tool is used to help debug a number of object types. This handy extension displays HTML that is color-coded, styled, and formatted. It also displays the source exactly as Firefox would display it. Those who are developing the following code should check out View Rendered Source:

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • XML

Web Developer

The Web Developer extension adds both a menu and a toolbar with web development tools. Figure 14.4 shows the installed Web Developer toolbar.

Figure 14.4. Much of what the toolbar does is always available, but the Web Developer toolbar makes accessing it easier.

The Web Developer extension makes HTML development much easier, although more advanced websites will also want to use scripting the topic for our next section.

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