Creating and Using a Template

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A template serves as a visual model of how a message should look. You can have a template message with your favorite background, formatting, and other HTML attributes. The template can also contain text, a signature, disclaimers, and anything you want to put in a message

To create a template, do the following:


Create a new email message. If this template is being sent to the same address every time, put that address in the To field. In the same manner you can load the other header fields, such as the subject, attachments, and so on.


Select File, Save As; then select Template in the Compose window. The message is saved as a template in your Templates folder. The name of the template is the subject line for the message, so include a subject line that is descriptive of what the template is to be used for.

Using a template is easy: Just click the Templates folder and then double-click the specific template you want to use. The Compose message window is loaded with the template's contents.

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