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       adding new  
       bitmaps, creating and modifying  
       number allowed (Impress)  
backgrounds: for HTML documents
       HTML:backgrounds for documents  
backgrounds:adding more paths for file selection
       paths:adding more for file selection windows  
backgrounds:and orientation (Impress)
       orientation:and backgrounds (Impress)  
backgrounds:background view
       slides:slide view
                layers :layer view; views:layer, slide, and background  
backgrounds:background view for presentations
       presentations:background view  
backgrounds:blank, applying
       blank background, applying  
backgrounds:creating and modifying
       bitmaps:backgrounds, using in
               hatches:backgrounds, using in; gradients:backgrounds, using in; colors:backgrounds:using in  
backgrounds:dark backgrounds, not printing
               paper:saving; printing:toner, saving; printing: dark backgrounds, not printing  
backgrounds:deleting parts of
backgrounds:for sections
       forms:formatting with AutoPilot  
backgrounds:HTML documents, setup options
       setup:HTML backgrounds
               HTML:background color setup  
backgrounds:overview (Impress)
       presentation layouts:
               master pages:   [See backgrounds]
backgrounds:Page Setup window
       Page Setup window:slide backgrounds
               transparency:backgrounds; invisible:backgrounds  
               borders:spreadsheets;spreadsheets:borders, colors, backgrounds  
       backup files, path to  
Base   [See also databases, data sources]
base point
       resizing objects  
basic   [See also macros]
       work area illustration  
Before commencing event\:defined
       Action started event\:defined  
Before update event\
Begin horizontal and vertical fields, connectors
       End horizontal and vertical fields, connectors
               Preview field:connectors  
       entering information into  
bibliographies:formatting and editing
bibliographies:inserting into master documents
       inserting:bibliographies into master documents
               master documents:inserting bibliographies  
bibliographies:inserting into single documents
       inserting:bibliographies into single documents  
bibliographies:inserting references in documents
       inserting:bibliography references  
bibliographies:numbering references
       numbering:bibliography references  
bibliographies:storing in individual documents
       documents:storing bibliography information
               references:   [See also bilbiographies;references:lists of books in document]
       creating and modifying  
       offset options  
bitmaps:applying to objects using Area window (Draw)
       Tile option:bitmaps
               automatic:AutoFit option for bitmaps; Relative option:bitmaps; Size fields:bitmaps  
bitmaps:converting Draw objects to
       metafiles:converting Draw objects to  
       conversion options  
Blue field:color, creating or modifying
       Hue field:color, creating or modifying
               Saturation field:color, creating or modifying; Luminance field:color, creating or modifying; Color w  
bookmarks:icons, example of use
        hyperlinks :icons, example of use
               URL:icons, example of use  
       master documents
               multi-file books,   [See also master documents]
books:ordering CDs and books
       long documents:overview
               documents:books and long documents  
books:page numbering
       pages:numbering in books and longer documents
               documents:page numbering in books;numbering:page numbering in books;page n of m:in books  
boolean field types  
               fills:   [See also formatting, styles]
Brad Pitt  
       macros, using with  
breaks:breakpoints in macros
breaks:page breaks
       page layout:page and section breaks
               sections:section breaks;hyphenation:setup  
browsing:Web, setup
       Web:browsing, setup  
       when transferred from Writer to presentation  
bullets:bulleted items, promoting
       headings:demoting to bulleted items
               promoting:bulleted items; demoting:bulleted items; demoting:headings to bulleted items; subpoints:   [See bulleted items; bullets:demoting and promoting (Impress)]
       graphics:bullets, creating from
               bitmaps:bullets, creating from; bullets:not showing up; troubleshooting:bullets not showing up  
bullets:demoting and promoting, illustration (Impress)
       styles:bulleted items, demoting and promoting (Impress)  
bullets:formatting icon (Impress)
       fonts:formatting icon (Impress)
               bold:formatting icon (Impress); italics:formatting icon (Impress); underline:formatting icon (Impres  
bullets:promoting and demoting (Impress)
       indenting:bulleted items (Impress)
               promoting:bulleted items (Impress); demoting:bulleted items (Impress); text:indenting (Impress)  
business cards
       entering new data  
business cards:and AutoText
       AutoText:and business cards
               fields:and business cards;fields:and AutoText  
business cards:data for
       mail merges:data for business cards and labels  
business cards:quick insertion with AutoText
       AutoText:quick business card insertion using
               labels:quick insertion with AutoText  
business cards:simple
business cards:with fixed data
       fixed data values:business cards amd labels
               labels:with fixed data  
button size
       font size for program interface
               enlarging fonts and buttons for interface;fonts:enlarging fonts and buttons for interface;customizin   2nd  
buttons:adding to forms
       controls:adding buttons to forms
               forms:adding button controls to;buttons:   [See also controls]
buttons:in forms
       forms:controls, creating
               fields:control fields in forms;radio buttons:   [See also controls;check boxes:see also controls;lists:list boxes, see also controls]
buttons:modifying button link quickly
       text:modifying text link quickly
               links:modifying text or button link quickly  
buttons:properties window
       radio buttons:properties window
               checkboxes:properties windows;lists:dropdown lists:propertieswindow  

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