Lesson 11. For the Power User (Bonus Lesson)

One of iWork's strengths is its easy integration with iPhoto, iTunes, and the other iLife applications. Creative professionals can take Keynote and Pages even further by using it in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop and Apple's Final Cut Studio suite.

Lesson 11, located on the DVD in PDF form, offers some advanced techniques for using iWork with other applications to create even more sophisticated content. Because Pages and Keynote support embedded alpha channels, it's relatively easy to incorporate advanced content into your page layouts and presentations. If you don't have all of the applications mentioned in this lesson, you can still follow along by using the finished media files provided on the DVD.

Open Bonus Lessons > Lesson 11 on the DVD. You'll learn how to:

  • Convert RAW image files from your Aperture library for use in Keynote or Pages

  • Use LiveType to animate text for a Keynote presentation

  • Create a motion background with LiveType and integrate it into a presentation

  • Compress video for your presentations using QuickTime Pro or Compressor

  • Create a particle-based animation in Motion to accent a Keynote slide

  • Create a PANTONE color strip in Photoshop and import it to more closely match PANTONE colors in Keynote and Pages

  • Import a layered Photoshop file into Keynote or Pages

  • Export an animated Keynote chart as a self-playing movie for use in a Final Cut Pro video project

Apple Training Series. iWork '06 with iLife '06
Apple Training Series: iWork 06 with iLife 06
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