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Desire is a key force that will propel you to success. God placed this force inside of you so that you would constantly have fuel to run on in order to be successful. Its one of the things that will keep you going when you want to quit. When your desire to accomplish your goals is strong enough, you wont let anything stop you. Heres an example of what I mean.

As a preteen, Terry was active in sports and enjoyed playing soccer, basketball , and tennis. She was on the swim team and was a member of the cheerleading squad; in addition, she took ballet and tap- dancing lessons, as she had a strong desire to become a professional dancer one day. Yet when she was 12, the unthinkable happened : Terry was in a serious car accident that broke her back and injured her spinal column. Doctors , nurses, physical therapists, and family members prepared her for life in a wheelchair, telling her shed never walk again.

For many people, this experience would have quenched their desire for success. Upon receiving such news, it would be easy to throw in the towel on life and give up. But Terrys desires didnt go away just because she received a bad report from the doctors. Did she stop wanting to be active, to play sports and dance ? No, because her desires were an integral part of her being. Terry quickly learned how to deal with the challenge, and she made sure that she gained a great deal of upper-body strength in order to help her move around better in her manual wheelchair. Day by day, she kept on going, always having the desire to do more and holding on to her dreams of being an athlete or performer.

At the time of her accident, Terry lived in a small town in Tennessee that didnt offer much in terms of recreation for people using wheelchairs, so she waited until she was old enough to attend college. She chose a school in Atlanta because she knew more opportunities would be available to her in a larger city. Sure enough, not only did Terry graduate from college with a double major (theater and communications), but she also found a physically integrated dance company that employed dancers with and without disabilities . With her strong upper body and even stronger desire, Terry tried out and won a spot in the troupe. Today she performs as a dancer . . . and she gets paid to do it, too.

Terrys story is proof that a strong desire to succeed, regardless of the circumstances, will ensure success. Nothing can stop someone who has a deep-seated wish to accomplish his or her goals.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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