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Desire is the fire that brings enthusiasm to a boil, the power behind all great successes. Desire transcends obstacles and barriers and brings you what you want when you spend time cultivating it and then stepping out on it in faith.

You can begin to develop your God-given desires by spending a little time each day seeing, feeling, expressing , enjoying, and building what you want. Look at images of what you want to see come to pass. Bring that desire to the boiling point so that you can see it manifesting in your life easily and quickly. Fuel yourself with the belief that your desires are the bubbling, churning, burning steam engines that take you where you want to go. Celebrate and honor your desires, and follow where they lead you, for theyll take you further than youve ever gone before.

Remember, desire takes you beyond limitationsit ignores challenges and setbacks and helps you plow forward.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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