Other Technologies

Here are some other components of SQL Server that you might find useful, although they aren't commonly used in standard BI applications.

Full-Text Search

Full-text search enables you to index and search text fields in a database, as well as to search text in various types of files on disk, such as Word documents or PDF files. The search uses word stemming and fuzzy matching to return a ranking of how well each document or row in a table meets the search criteria. An example of the use of full-text search is to allow customers to search an online product catalog. Full-text search supports multiple languages.

Notification Services

Notification Services enables you to notify a large number of users with personal messages of some data event, such as a stock exceeding a preset value or a delay of a flight. Subscribers to notifications can set the criteria, and event providers provide event notifications. Standard event notification sources include file system changes, SQL Server queries, and Analysis Services queries. In addition to e-mail, you can send notifications to a variety of other devices.

Service Broker

If you need to send an asynchronous message between two applications using SQL Server, with guaranteed delivery, Service Broker can provide that capability. It is similar to the intent of a message queuing service, although without some of the administrative requirements. Service Broker is integrated with the SQL Server database engine service and can be used effectively in the development of distributed applications.

Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
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