This chapter examined the various components that make up the SQL Server 2005 BI platform. You can decide where you want to install the SQL Server components based on the particular environment that they are deployed into. SQL Server Management Studio enables you to administer all the different components, and the BI Development Studio enables you to design BI solutions.

The SQL Server database engine is a highly reliable, available, and scalable database server used to store the relational data warehouse. Integration Services provides the data ETL services that you use to deliver clean, validated data to your data warehouse.

Analysis Services is an OLAP engine designed to support storing and querying large amounts of data based on dimensional models and also includes integrated data mining features. Analysis Services can obtain data from almost any data source with an OLE DB provider, such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and Access. Reporting Services is a server-based platform for designing, managing, and delivering both interactive reports and traditional printed reports. Like Analysis Services, Reporting Services can produce reports from a wide variety of data sources, including Analysis Services cubes.

Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
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