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page-level content, generating  
paths, resolving  
PDF documents, generating  
pdfxmltex utility  
performance issues  
perl module namespaces
Plugins( )  
plugins, custom  
       adding with AxAddPlugin directive  
       handler( ) function required for  
       logical custome code location  
       StyleChooser::AcceptLanguage example  
predicate expressions, XPath language  
preferred_media property   [See properties]
preferred_style property   [See properties]
PreferredMedia( )  
PreferredStyle( )  
process( )  
processing chains
       examples, three alternate  
Project Gutenberg  
               default value and altering  
               set by cookie  
provider API  
       exists( )   2nd  
       get_dom( )  
       get_fh( )  
       get_strref( )   2nd  
       get_styles( )   2nd  
       init( )  
       key( )   2nd  
       mtime( )  
       process( )  
       zip archive stylesheets example  
providers, custom  
       defined content data fetchng mechanism  


XML Publishing with AxKit
XML Publishing with Axkit
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