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parameters for Meerkat queries   2nd  
       RDF, notifying of XHTML content  
               Expat library  
               XML::Simple module   2nd   3rd  
parsing RSS
       AmphetaDesk::Channels module  
       feeds inside another site  
        methods for simple parsing  
               regular expressions, using  
               XML parsers, using  
       in Publish and Subscribe  
       selective parsing for alternative output types  
       straightforward vs. transformation  
       transfomation with XSLT  
       creating RSS feed from Google SOAP  
       creating RSS with XML::RSS module  
               RSS 1.0  
       modules used by AmphetaDesk  
       MP3::Info module  
       XML::Simple module  
permissions (Windows), setting for SSI  
Personal List set (Syndic8 functions)  
PICS rating of a feed (rss091:rating)  
plain character data  
predicates, representing in RDF graph  
previous version of wikis  
ProductInfo document standard (  
Profiles, Meerkat  
       p= (query parameter)  
program used to generate RSS file  
properties, RDF  
       another resource as value of  
property types  
proposed modules  
protocol attribute, cloud element  
public domain items (dc:rights element)  
publication date
       dc:date element  
       module design for RSS 2.0 and 1.0  
       pubDate element (RSS 0.91)   2nd  
       pubDate element (RSS 2.0)   2nd  
Publish and Subscribe
       cloud elements, indicating with  
       creating your own  
                components of system  
               internal files created by running  
       mod_changedPage, enabled with  
       protocols, dealing with  
       RSS 0.92 and 2.0  
       RSS 1.0, using with  
publishers (dc:publisher element)   2nd  
publishing on the Web  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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