Section B.5. Desktop Readers

B.5. Desktop Readers

Aggie: a .NET-based application for reading RSS files. Open source, for Windows and Linux-with-Mono.

AmphetaDesk: a Perl-based desktop reader that runs in the browser. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS versions available.

BottomFeeder: a Smalltalk desktop RSS Reader. Open source, runs on Windows, Mac, and various Unix flavors.

Carmen's Headline Viewer: a shareware news reader client for Windows.

FeedReader: a freeware application for Windows.

Fetch: an "Enterprise RSS" client and server system, for internal corporate messaging and information flow.

Friday: a Java frontend for viewing news aggregation sites and site syndication feeds on mobile devices.

fyuze: acts as a personal news portal for searching, sorting, and sifting daily news from RSS feeds.

Hotsheet: a Java-based desktop news reader. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and anything else with a Java Virtual Machine.

InfoSnorkel News Aggregator: a Windows application that aggregates RSS feeds, plus content from sites without feeds.

JERSS: allows seamless integration of RSS news feeds into web sites. It is a Java servlet generating JavaScript objects the web author can manipulate.

Klipfolio: a Windows-based desktop news reader. Reads simple XML files that point to RSS feeds.

MulleNewz: a Mac OS X docking RSS reader.

MyHeadlines: a content syndication search engine and news reader that can be integrated into a web site running PHP and MySQL.

myRadio: an extension to Radio Userland aggregation from RSS to any data source, including XML, HTML, and SOAP.

NetNewsWire: an OS X desktop RSS reader. My personal favorite.

NewsIsFree: a directory of feeds that also allows for personalized news pages.

Novobot: a heavily featured desktop news reader that can also scrape non-RSS'd sites.

Pineapple: a web site news aggregator for Mac OS X.

PocketFeed: an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on Pocket PC 2002 PDAs.

Radio Userland: a news aggregator included with a weblog software application for Mac and Windows platforms.

Raissa: a headline and news reader for Newton MessagePad.

Reptile: a P2P project, with RSS reading.

RSS Viewer: a Java-based, open source RSS reader.

Slashdock: a simple Mac OS X application that fetches and updates headlines for the latest postings on Slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites.

Straw: a desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment, with project information, news, and downloads.

Tinderbox: a Mac OS feed reader.

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