33.6 Delegates

The syntax for a delegate in C# closely follows the syntax for a method. The delegate statement is followed by the delegate's return type (or void , if there is none) and the delegate name . This in turn is followed by the delegate's parameter list, in which each parameter takes the form:

 <  parameter_type  > <  parameter_name  > 

For example:

 public delegate void StateChangeEventHandler(object sender,    StateChangeEventArgs e); 

In a VB Delegate statement, the Delegate keyword is followed by the Sub keyword (if the delegate returns a void in C#) or the Function keyword (if the delegate returns some other value). For example, in VB, the StateChangeEventHandler delegate has the following syntax:

 Public Delegate Sub StateChangeEventHandler( _    ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As StateChangeEventArgs) 

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