33.7 Enumerations

C# uses the enum statement along with opening and closing braces to indicate the beginning and end of an enumeration definition. For example:

 public enum CommandType {    // enumeration members  } 

In VB, an enumeration is defined by the Enum ... End Enum construct. For example, the VB version of the CommandType enum declaration is:

 Public Enum CommandType    ' enumeration members End Enum 

In both C# and VB, the member listing consists of the name of the enumerated member and its value. These are identical in C# and VB, except that C# adds a comma to separate one member of the enumeration from another, whereas VB requires that they be on separate lines. For example, the full declaration of the CommandType enumeration in C# is:

 public enum CommandType {    Text = 1,     StoredProcedure = 4,     TableDirect = 512 } 

The VB equivalent is:

 Public Enum CommandType    Text = 1     StoredProcedure = 4    TableDirect = 512 End Enum 

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