Section 31. About Searching Google with Your Cell Phone

31. About Searching Google with Your Cell Phone



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Google isn't just available from your computerit's now available anywhere you are if you carry a cell phone. Google offers services specifically targeted at those who use cell phones.

You can search through Google from your cell phone in two ways. You can use your phone's built-in web browser to search Google, or you can use the text messaging Short Message Service (SMS) to do it.

You don't need to do much special to search Google using your cell phone's web browser; it's surprisingly simple to do. Just follow these steps:


Launch your cell phone's browser.


In the URL field, type If you get an error message, instead type


You see the familiar Google interface, shrunk to fit for your cell phone's display area. Type your search term or terms.


Select the kind of search you want to do. You can search the Web, search for images, do a search to find local information and maps, or search the Mobile Web. The Mobile Web is made up of web pages that have been specifically designed to work with cell phones.


After you've typed your search terms and chosen the kind of search you want to do, press Enter. A search page with 10 search results appears. The page looks like a normal Google results page.


Scroll through the results and choose the page you want. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next to see 10 more results.

Searching Google using SMS is simple as well:

  1. Enter your search term or terms as a text message on your phone. (Follow the phone's instructions for doing this.)

  2. Send the message to the U.S. shortcode 46645. (On most phones, that's GOOGL.)

  3. Usually within a minute you get a text message or messages with your results.


If you want to get help searching Google using SMS, send the word help as a text message to the U.S. shortcode 46645.

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