Chapter 15. Chatting and Talking with Google Talk

In This Chapter:

Create a Google Talk Account

Add a Friend to Your Contacts

Send and Receive Instant Messages

Voice Chat with Others

Set Your Message Status

Protect Your Privacy

About Browsing and Reading Gmail from Google Talk

Set Google Talk Options

Most of the time when you use a Google tool or service, it's a one-way conversation. You ask for information and get it, but there's no talking back.

With Google Talk, that all changes. Google Talk is an instant messaging program that allows you to communicate in real time with other Google Talk users. You type messages on your keyboard, and they are instantly sent to the person with whom you're communicatingand she can type messages and send them to you as well. In addition. Google Talk enables you to voice chatthat is, hold voice conversations with other Google Talk users using your computer.

This chapter tells you everything you need to set up Google Talk and start talking.


If you use a personal firewall, such as Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee Personal Firewall, or ZoneAlarm, you might not be able to connect to Google Talk because the firewall blocks access. If that happens, you need to change some settings on your firewall. For details on how to do this, go to

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