The Dimensions of an Organization

The Dimensions of an Organization

An organization is defined by much more than boxes containing job titles and names connected by lines representing a reporting structure. Besides organizational structure, an organization is defined by the multiple dimensions spanning the people, processes, and technology represented within it. Some of these dimensions include:

  • People Dimensions:

    Each individual in an organization has certain skills, and these skills are typically measured against formal or informal performance metrics leading to rewards (compensation) as incentives for future performance. The people in an organization establish its culture, those behavior patterns and values that are generally recognized as being adopted.

  • Process Dimensions:

    The procedures and methodologies used by people in the organization. Almost all organizations define their own internal economies through processes for budgeting, priority settings, and project approval.

  • Technology Dimensions:

    The specific skills and tools people in the organization use to carry out the business function of the organization.

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