Choosing an Office Application

The following table shows you the purpose of each Office application and the type of document you might create with it. The tasks performed by the Office applications fall into several general categories, such as word processing and database management, though in many cases you'll find that you can best solve a particular problem by using more than one program. You'll learn considerably more about each of these programs as you work through the chapters in this book.

Office Application Purpose
Word General-purpose word processor and desktop publishing tool. Create memos, reports, news- letters, mailings, and customized Web pages.
Excel Electronic spreadsheet that has high-end data analysis, charting, and analytical functions. Build invoices, order tracking worksheets, general accounting ledgers, database lists, pivot tables, and colorful 3-D charts.
PowerPoint Presentation graphics software for slide, overhead projector, and multimedia presentations. Create slides for a sales presentation, speaker notes, multimedia demos, kiosk displays, and live conference presentations for the Web.
Access Relational database management system that has query, reporting, and mailing list management features. Manage inventory and tax records, customer and contact lists, music collections, and corporate databases.
Outlook Information management software for electronic mail, document management, calendar scheduling, meeting planning, and resource management. Send and receive Internet mail containing attachments, schedule your daily appointments, and plan meetings.
Publisher Desktop publishing software for newsletters, brochures, Web sites, flyers, postcards, letterhead, and more. Design publications for online use, printing, or deployment on the Web by using wizards, templates, and predesigned artwork.
FrontPage General-purpose Web page editor. Design and deploy Web pages for the Internet without learning HTML formatting codes or following elaborate formatting steps. Integrate hyperlinks, Web utilities, and helpful user interface tools.
PhotoDraw A graphics program for creating, editing, and customizing electronic photos, illustrations, and graphics. Crop and resize digital photographs and scanned images; apply graphics effects and filters to illustrations; and touch up photographs and illustrations with freehand embellishments, color adjustments, and special effects.

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