What s New in the Software?

If you've used a previous version of the Office software, you'll notice that Office 2000 has a number of new features and improvements:

  • A desktop publishing program called Microsoft Publisher, a graphic arts program called PhotoDraw, better Web integration, improved international language support, and hundreds of new commands and options will make your workday more productive and enjoyable.
  • Essential toolbars, menus, and Web publishing tools have been standardized across applications, making Office programs even more accessible and easy to use.
  • Finally, each application in the Office software suite has been redesigned to save files in HTML format for better integration with the Internet and corporate intranets. When you're ready to share your documents with a colleague down the hall or with a friend on the other side of the world, Office 2000 will make it as simple as clicking a button.

Microsoft Office 2000

The following features are common to all Office programs:

Year 2000 Compliance

Office 2000 has been carefully tested for adherence to the Microsoft Year 2000 Compliance Standard and for handling date issues in general.

Microsoft Publisher

Office now includes Publisher, a popular desktop publishing software program that creates newsletters, brochures, and Web pages.

HTML File Format

Each application in the Office 2000 software suite can now save files in HTML, or Web page, format, so you can immediately deploy them on the Internet or corporate intranets. The traditional application file formats are also still available.

Better Web Publishing

Office applications now have a standard Save As Web Page command that lets you seamlessly save your document as a Web page and set useful Internet publication options. A new Web Page Preview command also allows you to view your HTML document immediately in Microsoft Internet Explorer or another browser.

Better Hyperlinks

Enhanced Hyperlink commands allow you to link to electronic mail addresses, new Internet resources, and hot-spots in documents.

Clipboard Toolbar

You can now save several blocks of cut or copied text to the Clipboard (up to 12), and then paste any of these blocks into an Office document. A Clipboard toolbar facilitates the pasting process.

Multilingual Support

Most Office 2000 applications can now automatically detect foreign language text rather than requiring you to mark all blocks of foreign text using language formatting. The proofing tools will then use the appropriate dictionary for correcting text in each language.

Online Collaboration

In creating documents, you can work together with other people on the Internet or on a company intranet using the commands on the Online Collaboration submenu of the Tools menu in most Office 2000 applications.

Total Cost of Ownership Features

Office 2000 is now easier for system administrators to customize and install, and it adapts to your work style by using install-on-demand features, self-configuring menus and toolbars, and improved IntelliSense (natural-language processing) technology.

Microsoft Word

Word now includes the following new features:

Additional Support for Web Pages

The Web page features are now tightly integrated into Word. You can save any Word document in HTML format—that is, as a Web page. You can view the page in Web browsers, and you can later reopen it in Word without losing any features. Word also provides a large collection of templates and wizards for creating documents designed specifically as Web pages, or for building entire Web sites.

Web Tools Toolbar

Word now features a Web Tools toolbar, which allows you to add scripts, forms, movie clips, background sounds, and scrolling text to Web pages.

Click and Type

The new Click and Type feature lets you add text to an empty place in a document by just double-clicking that place and then typing the text. Word adds all necessary space characters and formatting to position the text where you double-click.

More Table Features

Word tables have acquired new features derived from Web-page tables. For example, you can create nested tables and tables that are automatically resized to accommodate the text they contain or the size of the window, and you can have text flow around tables.

Visual Themes

You can now quickly modify the overall appearance of a document by applying a visual theme. The theme will apply a consistent look to elements throughout the document. You can choose from a list of more than 25 themes provided with Office.

Microsoft Excel

The following new features make Excel an even more dynamic program:

Interactive Web Publishing

The new Save As Web Page command creates HTML documents that you can use interactively on the Web via Internet Explorer. Interactive features are provided in Internet Explorer by ActiveX controls called Microsoft Office Web Components.

Pivot Charts

Excel 2000 can now create pivot charts from pivot tables, so you can graphically manipulate the rows and columns in a database list.

New Date Formats

You can now set date entries using two new formats that help combat the year 2000 problem.

Euro Currency Symbol

You can now use the new Euro currency symbol and accounting format to manage European financial transactions.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint includes a lot of new features, too:

New Presentation Views

PowerPoint now includes an enhanced Normal view—which combines Outline view and Slide view—for easier editing and slide organization.

Improved Tables

Tables are easier to create and format in presentations, and PowerPoint now handles them internally, which makes them faster.

Web Publishing

The Save As Web Page command creates HTML documents smoothly and efficiently, and offers the same user interface and publication options as Word and Excel.

More Printing Options

The Print dialog box has new Grayscale, Handouts, and Print Hidden Slides options.

Online Presentation Broadcasting

You can now broadcast your presentation, complete with video and audio, over the Internet or your corporate intranet.

Microsoft Access

Access includes the following new features:

New Database Window

The Database window now includes a customizable Shortcut Bar like the one used in Outlook, it provides different ways to list objects, and it contains icons for quickly creating new database objects.

Data Access Pages

A new database object, the data access page, is similar to a form but allows users to manipulate a database in a Web browser as well as in Access.


Datasheets can now include subdatasheets, which allow users to view related information from other tables.

Access Projects

You can now use Access to create front-end interfaces, known as projects, for other databases such as SQL Server.

Microsoft Outlook

And finally, here's what's new in Outlook:

Web Views

You can now assign a Web page to any Outlook folder, and you can display that page when the folder is opened.

Favorites Menu

You can browse Web locations stored in your Favorites folder using the new Favorites menu. You can now open Web pages directly in the Outlook program.

Personal Distribution Lists

You can now create personal distribution lists in your Contacts folder so that you can e-mail a message to a group of people by inserting a single entry in the message form's To field.

Mail Merge

You can take advantage of Word's mail merge feature to print form letters, envelopes, or labels using selected items from your Contacts folder.

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