The really interesting thing about writing computer books is that the whole process begins well before the software is actually finished. Authors meet with computer book publishers, learn about new software features, develop a writing plan, and begin testing their ideas with beta versions of the product. This iterative process produces important insights and continues (with mounting fervor) until the software is complete and the final books are shipped to the printer—whew!

Microsoft Press is an awesome place to write a computer book. At each stage in the publishing process, talented team members work together to cultivate valuable technical contacts and resources, build visionary product deployment strategies, and explore the hidden benefits of emerging technologies. Running Microsoft Office 2000, now in its third edition, has benefited handsomely from this dynamic and innovative publishing environment.

In particular, the authors would like to thank Kim Fryer, Casey Doyle, Lucinda Rowley, and Christey Bahn, for their generous support in product planning and book development; Project Editor Saul Candib, at Microsoft Press, who personally handled all of our problems and requests—you saved us, Saul; tireless Project Manager Lisa Labrecque (in lovely San Francisco) and her team of truly dedicated professionals at Labrecque Publishing Services, Inc.; Terrence O'Donnell, our jack-of-all-trades (technical editor, copyeditor, product tester, and all-around Office 2000 guru)—you're amazing, Terry; and Chrisa Hotchkiss, Curtis Philips, Lisa Bravo, and Andrea Fox, who collectively helped us edit and produce three separate editions of this book—roughly 4,500 pages!

The authors warmly acknowledge the writing contributions of Kathie Werner, who wrote four chapters in the Publisher Part. Kathie has an incredible work ethic and writes like a seasoned professional. Thanks for sharing your many talents with us, Kathie!

Running Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business
Running Microsoft Office 2000
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