Installing Add-in Commands and Wizards

As you learned in Part 1, the applications in the Office 2000 software suite can customize menus and toolbars on their own to hide seldom-used commands and install specific options on demand (or as they are needed). You can also use the Add-Ins command on the Excel Tools menu to install useful tools known as add-in commands and wizards, which further extend the functionality of the Excel application. Typical add-in commands included with Excel 2000 are Solver and Report Manager, which appear on the Tools menu after you install them. A popular wizard included with Excel is the Template Wizard, which creates form templates that have the data tracking option enabled. You can also acquire add-in commands and wizards from third-party software developers.

To install add-in commands and wizards, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose Add-Ins from the Tools menu. The Add-Ins dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 19-12.
  2. Select the add-in command or wizard that you want to have appear as a menu command. To locate commands that don't appear in this dialog box, click the Browse button and find it on your hard disk.

    Figure 19-12. The Add-Ins command on the Tools menu allows you to add and remove add-in commands and wizards.

    To remove an add-in command or wizard from a menu, deselect the add-in or wizard in the Add-Ins dialog box.

  • Click OK to save your changes and reconfigure the menu. Excel will search for the tool on your system and prompt you for your Office 2000 installation disks, if necessary.
  • Most add-in commands appear on the Tools menu after you have installed them, but this isn't a requirement. And occasionally the designer of the utility will opt to locate it someplace else in the menu structure after installation. Excel Wizards are often located on the Wizards submenu of the Tools menu.

    To see the Solver addin at work, see Chapter 23, "Analyzing Business Data"

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