Part III covers the following Cisco BSCI exam topics:

  • Explain basic OSI terminology and network layer protocols used in OSI

  • Identify similarities and differences between Integrated IS-IS and OSPF

  • List the types of IS-IS routers and their role in IS-IS area design

  • Describe the hierarchical structure of IS-IS areas

  • Describe the concept of establishing adjacencies

  • Given an addressing scheme and other laboratory parameters, identify the steps to configure Cisco routers for proper Integrated IS-IS operation

  • Identify verification methods that ensure proper operation of Integrated IS-IS on Cisco routers

  • Interpret the output of various show and debug commands to determine the cause of route selection errors and configuration problems


Chapter 10 Fundamentals of the Integrated IS-IS Protocol


Chapter 11 Integrated IS-IS Protocol Operation


Chapter 12 Configuring Integrated IS-IS

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