The following scenario and questions are designed to draw together the content of the chapter and to exercise your understanding of the concepts. There is not necessarily a right answer. The thought process and practice in manipulating the concepts is the goal of this section. The answers to the scenario questions are found at the end of this chapter.

Scenario 7-1

The company is charged with configuring the Los Angeles site for OSPF. Figure 7-2 is a network diagram for this network. You must first understand the design requirements for the entire network. As the figure shows, intends to use Frame Relay to connect the different sites. The company also has decided to use the private address of The Los Angeles site is to be allocated, which can be subdivided. Referring to Figure 7-2, answer the following questions.

Figure 7-2. Network Diagram for Scenario 7-1



Design the addressing scheme for the site so that summarization can be implemented at a later stage.


Determine the configuration that will be implemented across the Frame Relay cloud.


State the configuration commands required to implement OSPF on the routers. Note that all the routers are to be in Area 0.

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