As mentioned in the introduction, "All About the CCNP, CCDP, and CCIP Certifications," you have two choices for review questions. The questions that follow next give you a bigger challenge than the exam itself by using an open -ended question format. By reviewing now with this more difficult question format, you can exercise your memory better and prove your conceptual and factual knowledge of this chapter. The answers to these questions are found in Appendix A.

For more practice with examlike question formats, including questions using a router simulator and multichoice questions, use the exam engine on the CD.


What command is used to manually determine which router on a LAN will become the DR?


What parameter is used to calculate the default metric of a route in OSPF on a Cisco router?


It is possible to have more than one OSPF process on a router. How would you do this?


Explain the command ip ospf network non-broadcast .


In which of the NBMA configuration choices is it necessary to state the neighbors manually? Why is this necessary?


In a Frame Relay environment, which is fully meshed, which OSPF configurations might be chosen ? Give reasons for your choice.


The Cisco solution point-to-point mode does not require the configuration of DR and BDR. Explain briefly why.


The address has been allocated to an interface on the router. This interface alone is to be included in the OSPF process. State the command that would start the process on this interface.


The metric used by OSPF is cost. How would you change the metric on an interface?


If the command ip ospf network non-broadcast is used, what additional statement is necessary?


What command shows which router on a LAN is the BDR?


Explain briefly what show ip ospf database will reveal.


What command is used to show the state of adjacencies?


Which command is used to show OSPF packets being sent and received in real time?


How would you show the OSPF process ID of the router?


What makes debug a dangerous command for your router?


What is the sequence number and where is it held?


In the show ip ospf command, there is a field called the SPF schedule delay. What is the purpose of this field, and what is the default time?


What is the advantage of the command show ip ospf interface in troubleshooting?

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